Wax Tailor - Hope & Sorrow

Wax Tailor

Hope & Sorrow

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Hope and Sorrow is the 2nd album by French artist Wax Tailor. With this album he established himself on the international scene with a world tour, an Indie Music Award in the United States and a nomination at the Victoires de la musique 2008 as "best electronic artist"

A1 - Once Upon A Past
A2 - The Way We Lived C. Savary
A3 - The Games You Play
B1 - The Tune
B2 - The Man With No Soul
B3 - Radio Broadcast
B4 - Positively Inclined
C1 - Sometimes
C2 - House Of Wax
C3 - Beyond Words
C4 - To Dry Up
D1 - We Be
D2 - That Case
D3 - There Is Danger
D4 - Alien In My Belly