Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

Kamasi Washington

Heaven and Earth

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A1 - Fists Of Fury
A2 - Can You Hear Him
B3 - Hub-Tones
B4 - Connections
C5 - Tiffakonkae
C6 - The Invincible Youth
D7 - Testify
D8 - One Of One

E1 - The Space Travelers Lullaby
E2 - Vi Lua Vi Sol
F3 - Street Fighter Mas
F4 - Song For The Fallen
G5 - Journey
G6 - The Psalmnist
H7 - Show Us The Way
H8 - Will You Sing

The Choice
I1 - The Secret Of Jinsinson
I2 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
J3 - My Family
J4 - Agents Of Multiverse
J5 - Ooh Child