Tipper - Broken Soul Jamboree


Broken Soul Jamboree

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Double LP Vinyl Pressing of 2010 release featuring one extra track not found on the CD release, "Algae Bloom In Seven."

A1 - Big Question Small Head
A2 - Cuckoo
A3 - Class 5 Roaming Vapour
B1 - Brocken Spectre
B2 - Dead Soon
B3 - Cinder Cone
B4 - Herriot Method
C1 - Neuron Huskie
C2 - Tit For Tat
C3 - Algae Bloom In Seven
D1 - Hourglass Infringement
D2 - Reality Harshness Defender
D3 - Royal Dragon Sir
D4 - Ever Decreasing Circles