Surprise Chef - All News Is Good News

Surprise Chef

All News Is Good News

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Surprise Chef are Coburg’s cinematic soul journeymen, pushing moody shades of instrumental jazz-funk with a DIY mentality. The centrepiece of the College Of Knowledge Records roster, Surprise Chef’s output reflects a meticulous education of 1970’s soul, touching on the legacies of composer/producers David Axelrod & Isaac Hayes, with cues also taken from the catalogues of Daptone and Truth & Soul.

A1 - All News Is Good News
A2 - Herbie Hemphill
A3 - Blyth Street Nocturne
A4 - Have You Fed Baby Huey Today
A5 - Yung Boi Suite
B1 - Crayfish Caper
B2 - Flip Shelton
B3 - Drinking From The Cup Of Bob Knob
B4 - Mario's Lament