Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile: Deviations 1

Nine Inch Nails

The Fragile: Deviations 1

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Limited Edition 4LP

A1 - Somewhat Damaged (Instrumental)
A2 - The Day The World Went Away (Instrumental)
A3 - The Frail (Alternate Version)
A4 - The Wretched (Instrumental)
B1 - Missing Places
B2 - We're In This Together (Instrumental)
B3 - The Fragile (Instrumental)
B4 - Just Like You Imagined (Alternate Version)
B5 - The March (Instrumental)
C1 - Even Deeper (Instrumental)
C2 - Pilgrimage (Alternate Version)
C3 - One Way To Get There
C4 - No, You Don't (Instrumental)
C5 - Taken
D1 La Mer (Alternate Version)
D2 - The Great Below (Instrumental)
D3 - Not What It Seems Like (Instrumental)
D4 - White Mask
D5 - The New Flesh (Instrumental)
E1 - The Way Out Is Through (Alternate Version)
E2 - Into The Void (Instrumental)
E3 - Where Is Everybody? (Instrumental)
E4 - The Mark Has Been Made (Alternate Version)
F1 - Was It Worth It? (Instrumental)
F2 - Please (Instrumental)
F3 - +Appendage (Instrumental)
F4 - Can I Stay Here? (Instrumental)
F5 - 10 Miles High (Instrumental)
G1 - Feeders
G2 - Starfuckers, Inc. (Instrumental)
G3 - Complication (Alternate Version)
G4 - Claustrophobia Machine (Raw)
G5 - Last Heard From
H1 - I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (Instrumental)
H2 - The Big Come Down (Instrumental)
H3 - Underneath It All (Instrumental)
H4 - Ripe With Decay (Instrumental)