King Tubby - Reggae 3 LP Box Set

King Tubby

Reggae 3 LP Box Set

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A1 - Sly & The Revolutionaries–Marijuana
A2 - Roots Radics Band*–Storming The Death Star
A3 - Gregory Isaacs–Public Eyes
A4 - G.G. Allstars– Love Of Jah Jah Children
A5 - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators– A Dancing Version
A6 - Scientist–Miss Know It All
A7 - Observer Allstars– Rebel Dance
A8 - The Upsetters–Dubbing Sandra
B1 - King Tubby– King Tubby's Conversation Dub
B2 - The Aggrovators–A Crabbit Version
B3 - Sly & The Revolutionaries–White Rum
B4 - Roots Radics Band*–Mission Impossible
B5 - Gregory Isaacs–Leggo Beast
B6 - Velvet Shadows–Dubbin' & Wailin'
B7 - Observer Allstars– Rema Dub
B8 - The Upsetters–Long Time Dub
B9 - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators– A Version I Can Feel With Love
C1 - King Tubby–King Tubby's Explosion Dub
C2 - Sly & The Revolutionaries–Cocaine
C3 - Roots Radics Band*–The Death Of Mr Spock
C4 - Gregory Isaacs–Nigger
C5 - The Jahlights–Right Road To Dubland
C6 - The Aggrovators–Jah Jah Dub
C7 - The Observers–Rasta Locks
C8 - The Upsetters–Dub Dat
D1 - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators–The Gorgon Of Dubs & Horns
D2 - King Tubby–King Tubby's Patient Dub
D3 - Sly & The Revolutionaries–Black Ash
D4 - Roots Radics Band*–The Son Of Darth Vader
D5 - Gregory Isaacs–Slum
D6 - The Aggrovators– Do You Dub
D7 - G.G. Allstars– Mosquito Dub
D8 - The Observers–Dubbing With The Observer
D9 - Thompsons Allstars*–Rock Me In Dub
E1 - The Upsetters–Freedom Dub
E2 - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators–A Gigantic Dub
E3 - Sly & The Revolutionaries–Collie
E4 - Gregory Isaacs–Tam Tam
E5 - The Observers–Turntable Dub
E6 - Scientist–Scientist Ganja Dub
E7 - The Aggrovators–Dub On My Pillow
E8 - Sly & The Revolutionaries– Herb
F1 - Roots Radics Band*–The Alien Aborts
F2 - Gregory Isaacs–Leaving
F3 - Lloyds All Stars*–Dread Dub
F4 - The Observers–Sir Niney's Rock
F5 - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators– The Big Boss Of Dubs
F6 - The Upsetters– Dub So
F7 - King Tubby– King Tubby's Badness Dub
F8 - The Silvertones– African Dub