Elzhi - Preface



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Produced almost entirely by Black Milk, The Preface shows why Elzhi rose up as one of the finest lyrical emcees and yet another talent to emerge from the burgeoning hip hop scene. While his next full length is still on the horizon, the Preface reminds us why Elzhi is worth the wait.

A1 - Intro (The Preface)
A2 - The Leak
A3A - Guessing Game
A3B - Interlude
A4 - Motown 25
B1 - Brag Swag
B2 - Colors
B3 - Fire (Rmx)
B4A - D.E.M.O.N.S.
B4B - Interlude
C1 - Save Ya
C2 - Yeah
C3A - Transitional Joint
C3B - Interlude
C4 - Talking In My Sleep
D1A - The Science
D1B - Interlude
D2A - Hands Up
D2B - Interlude
D3 - What I Write
D4 - Growing Up