Daedelus - What Wands Won't Break


What Wands Won't Break

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In May of 2020, Daedelus launched their 23rd full-length album, What Wands Won't Break. Initially released with Dome of Doom digitally and as a limited edition cassette run of 200 copies (sold out), What Wands Won't Break has been pressed as a special 180g edition in full colored jacket sleeves.

A1 - Cauldron
A2 - Chimera
A3 - Querent
A4 - Fettle
A5 - Clairaudience
A6 - Glint
Featuring – Wylie Cable*
A7 - Phoenix Down
A8 - Sunflower Stems
A9 - Narwhale
A10 - Noble Metal
B1 - Datura
B2 - Unyielding
B3 - Tynged
B4 - Laurel
B5 - Crux
B6 - Basalt
B7 - Henosis
B8 - Brandish
B9 - Chiliad
B10 - Mahogany
B11 - Drubbing
B12 - Zenith
B13 - Yew And Me