Bonobo - Migration



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Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with his sixth album, the masterful, magisterial Migration - a record which cements his place in the very highest echelons of electronic music and beyond. By turns lush, manic, beautiful, melancholy, joyful, and packed with both emotion and technical skill, this is perhaps his most ambitious attempt yet to capture the very textures of human existence in his work, as Green says of the broad dynamics on the album, "Life has highs, lows, loud and quiet moments, beautiful ones and ugly ones. Music is a reflection of life." In particular, there is a theme here of migration, eruditely put by Green as "The study of people and spaces," he expands, "It's interesting how one person will take an influence from one part of the world and move with that influence and effect another part of the world. Over time, the identities of new places evolve." It is a theme with a personal as well as a sociological aspect to it.

A1 - Migration 5:28
A2 - Break Apart 4:35
A3 - Outlier 7:55
B1 - Grains 4:29
B2 - Second Sun 3:44
B3 - Bambro Koyo Ganda 5:02
C1 - Surface4:11
C2 - Kerala 3:57
C3 - No Reason 7:29
D1 - Ontario 3:52
D2 - Boston Common 4:48
D3 - Figures 6:08